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Christian's Great Interest. In Two Parts.

by William Guthrie

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Second Peter 1:10 says "Therefore, my brothers, be all the more eager to make your calling and election sure." So how can Christians really know they are saved? Scottish Presbyterian minister William Guthrie asked this question in the 17th century, and wrote his only work, The Christian's Great Interest, in order to answer it. This work is an assurance of salvation aimed at helping believers "make [their] calling and election sure." Guthrie's Part One makes a case that Christians have a special interest in Christ, and Part Two reminds believers of what they must do to attain that salvation. The book is written with typical Puritan language and may be challenging in style for some readers, but Guthrie is highly logical and methodical in is writing, fully explaining each point and moving gracefully form one to the next. Guthrie is aware that some readers aren't versed in Christianity, so he is always sure to explain basic themes for the sake of "those more ignorant." He assures readers "it is thy edification I intend, together with the hope of inciting others more expert and experienced... to handle at greater length, what I have more briefly hinted at." Ultimately, this comforting work confirms salvation and inspires Christians to be sure of their faith. It is sure to console any who have doubted.

Abby Zwart
CCEL Staff Writer
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About William Guthrie
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William Guthrie
Source: www.newble.co.uk/guthriew/
Source: www.newble.co.uk/guthriew/
Born: 1620
Died: 1665
Related topics: Christian life, Church of Scotland, Conversion--Christianity, Conversion, Early works
Basic information: William Guthrie (1620–1665) was a Scottish Puritan minister and author. He was the first minister of Fenwick parish church in Ayrshire, Scotland. He is known primarily for his book on assurance, The Christian's Great Interest.
Popular works: Christian's Great Interest. In Two Parts.