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Of the measure of drink.

Every one hath his proper gift from God, one thus, another thus.”184184I Cor. vii. 7. Therefore it is not without some misgiving, that we appoint the measure of other men’s victuals. Yet considering the condition of those in weak health, we think that one pint of wine will be sufficient for each one every day. But let those upon whom God bestows the gift of abstinence know, that they shall receive the proper reward. It, however, the situation of the place, labour, or the heat of summer, require more, let the Prior do what he thinketh good; ever having a care that fullness, or gluttony creep not in. And although we read185185In Vitis Patrum. Verba Senior: v. 4. 31. :that wine is not at all the drink of Monks,” yet, because in these our times, they will not be so persuaded, let us at least agree to this, not to drink to satiety, but sparingly, “Because wine maketh even the wise to fall away.”186186Eccli. xix. 2. Where, however, the poverty of the place will not allow the appointed measure, but much less, or perhaps none at all, let those who live there praise God and murmur not. This we admonish above all things, that there never be any murmuring.

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