Eusebius Pamphilius

Theologian and historian


January 1, AD 260
January 1, AD 340
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Apologetics, Constantine--I,--Emperor of Rome,--d. 337, Christian literature, Early, Church history--Primitive and early church, Bible,


Pamphilius Cæsariensis Eusebius is often called the father of church history. He was probably born in Caesarea , Palestine and had Pamphilus as his teacher. His works are of a theological and apologetic nature. He became one of the earliest and most influential bishops of the Christian Church. According to survival records of the Church Council of Nicaea, he occupied the first seat on the right of the Emperor and delivered the inaugural address on the Emperor’s behalf.

Eusebius studied under Pamphilius (c. 240-309). a Christian scholar and presbyter in the church at Caesarea. Pamphilius was an ardent disciple of Origen and Eusebius became deeply influenced by the Origenist tradition. His major work was his History of the Church, a massive piece of research that preserves quotations from many older writers that would otherwise have been lost. Despite the breadth of his reading most scholars agree that "his erudition is not matched by clarity of thought or attractiveness of presentation."

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