S.T. Coleridge

English poet and author


October 21, 1772
July 25, 1834
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Samuel Taylor (S.T.) Coleridge was a thinker and seeker. He thought about and even planned a utopian society marked by equality, shared purpose, and philosophical discussions. Sadly, he failed to attain his dream. His life was marked by a loveless marriage, addiction to opium, poverty, and poor health. Born in England in 1772, Coleridge was the youngest of 14 children sired by his father. He tried to follow his father’s wishes and become a pastor in the Church of England but the development of his Unitarian beliefs created a wrinkle in that plan. Coleridge eventually turned to writing. He published several poems and stories. The last part of his life was spent lecturing and writing several works. He wrote about religion, politics, and culture in general. His poem, A Christmas Carol, is a beautiful reflection on the birth of the Savior. The supernatural is a theme often entertained in Coleridge’s writings. He passed away on July 24, 1834.

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