On the Christian Life

by John Calvin


This devotional book, written for the purpose of teaching Christians how to live out their faith, is divided into five sections. First, Calvin tells us that every follower of Christ loves righteousness and is called to righteousness. The following chapters suggest ways to go about seeking righteousness. In answering Christ's call to live rightly, Calvin stresses the importance of constant patience and clinging to the grace given through Christ's death and resurrection. As Christians seek to order their lives around these principles, they must meditate upon God's plan for the future and how to make that future a reality. Finally, Calvin proposes a few ways how each person can bring God's grace to a fallen world and avoid abusing their roles as representatives of God to that world. This very brief text can serve as a short introduction to Calvin's thought for any who wish to broaden their general knowledge or set out on a path of more involved study.

Kathleen O'Bannon

CCEL Staff

About John Calvin

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Picture of John Calvin
Picture of John Calvin
Source: Wikipedia
Born: July 10, 1509 (at noyon)
Died: May 27, 1564 (at geneva)
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