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Ezekiel 7:25

25. Destruction cometh; and they shall seek peace, and there shall be none.

25. Excidium venit, et quaerent pacem et non. 168168     That is, “there shall be no peace.” — Calvin.


He confirms the same doctrine. He says therefore, destruction is come He now adds, there shall be no peace This confirmation was not in vain. For men always hope they shall obtain some advantage by turning their backs; hence they seize on hiding-places whence God draws them into light. Then they form for themselves many hopes of safety when God holds them bound down. Since, therefore, men are so slippery, and, by catching at refuges, think to elude God and his judgments, the Prophet says, though they seek peace they shall find none, that they may not doubt about that destruction and cutting off which he mentions. It follows —

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