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Sermons and Tracts by that Worthy Martyr of Christ, John Bradford

by John Bradford

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Because of his dedication to the Church of England, Catholic Queen “Bloody” Mary Tudor imprisoned Bradford, then burned him at the stake. In spite of his persecution, though, Bradford did not let despair triumph over him. While locked away in the Tower of London, he preached to his fellow inmates every day, often concerning topics such as repentance, eternity, affliction, salvation, and the fear of death. This collection contains some of these sermons, plus a few short explanations of more complex theological matters.

Kathleen O'Bannon
CCEL Staff
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About John Bradford
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John Bradford
Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia
Born: Manchester, England
Died: Newgate Prison
Related topics: Bradford, John,--1510?-1555, Church of England, Early works, England, History
Basic information: John Bradford (1510–1555) was a prebendary of St. Paul's. He was an English Reformer and martyr best remembered for his utterance "'There, but for the grace of God, goes John Bradford". These words were uttered by Bradford while imprisoned in the Tower of London when he saw a criminal on his way to execution; however, the attribution has been questioned. Bradford was in the Tower of London for alleged crimes against Mary Tudor for his Protestant faith.
Popular works: Sermons and Tracts by that Worthy Martyr of Christ, John Bradford, Godly Meditations upon the Lord's Prayer, Daily Meditations and Prayers, Letters of Master John Bradford, Daily Prayers of Master John Bradford