St. Bonaventure

Franciscian theologian


AD 1221
July 15, 1274
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Catholic Church, History, Francis,--of Assisi, Saint,--1182-1226, Early works, Bonaventure,--Saint, Cardinal,--ca. 1217-1274,


St. Bonaventure was named"John" at birth. As a young child growing up in central Italy, he became quite ill. Legend has it that a prayer of St. Francis of Assissi healed John and predicted that John would rise to greatness one day. St. Francis gives John the nickname"O Buona Ventura" (the English translation is"good fortune"). The name caught on and remained in use throughout John's life. Venturing to France, Bonaventure joined a Franciscan Order in Paris. It was here that he finished his theological studies and developed a keen friendship with Thomas Aquinas."Doctor of the Church" was a nickname given by Bonaventure for his great intellect and obvious living faith. His body of written works expounded the theological, philosophical, and spiritual. For all his knowledge and acclaim, he remained humble and taught that humbly accepting God's grace is far more important than one's ability to reason and acquire knowledge. In practice, when offered an archbishop position, Bonaventure turned it down only to be given an even higher position by the Pope. Bonaventure was "venerated" even before he died in 1274. He lived his life to glorify God and help his fellow man. Some of his more widely read works are Journey to the Soul of God, Tree of Life, and The Life of Saint Francis.

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