Way to Christ

by Jakob Boehme


Jakob Boehme is such an intriguing figure that one cannot help but be enthralled. A 17th century Christian mystic, he was persecuted for his beliefs. Nevertheless, he was an important influence on later theologians, philosophers, and artists. The Way to Christ brings together several of his works, namely, Of True Repentance, Of Regeneration, Of True Resignation, and The Super Sensual Life. Boehme's works resist the typical mold. He is clearly a Christian mystic, yet his views seem to borrow many ideas from other mystical traditions as well, some of which are not theistic. But The Way to Christ still provides an insightful edification for the spiritual life. Although Boehme's prose is difficult, it is richly rewarding. Written in short sections, The Way to Christ can provide instructive direction for one's spirituality.

Tim Perrine
CCEL Staff Writer

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  Born: 1575
Died: 1624
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