Spiritual Works of Louis of Blois

by Louis of Blois [Ludovicus Blosius]


Louis de Blois, also known by his Latin name, Franciscus Ludovicus Blosius, became abbot of the Benedictine Order at Liessies in 1530. As abbot, he concerned himself with the renewal of the monastic spirit among the Benedictine brothers. The monastic spirit was one of great learning and disciplined, righteous living, and Blois’ monastery became widely known for those virtues. This collection contains Blois’ Rule of the Spiritual Life, The Spiritual Mirror, and A String of Spiritual Jewels, three instructional works he wrote for the brothers of his monastery. The abbot lays out instructions for living in search of God, encouraging daily prayer, proper perspectives on the sacraments, and moderation in all things. Blois’ outline of the monastic lifestyle influenced Christian monastics all throughout Europe, and it continues to inspire modern Catholics as they conduct their lives as Christians.

Kathleen O’Bannon
CCEL Staff

About Louis of Blois [Ludovicus Blosius]

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Picture of Louis of Blois [Ludovicus Blosius]
  Born: October of 1506
Died: January 7, 1566
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