Holy Rule of St. Benedict

by St. Benedict


St. Benedict originally intended this text for use in monasteries. St. Benedict highlights the importance of peace, prayer, work, sacrifice, humility, frugality, and obedience. His guidelines are to aid those in the pursuit of godliness, and he shares how individuals should relate to each other, authority, and guests. St. Benedict explains the responsibilities of the Abbott, or community leader, in whose care rests the welfare of the community's members. The Rule of St. Benedict provides tangible advice regarding how a community of Christians can cultivate contented souls that are modest and free from want. This book contains a thorough set of principles for those who wish to grow in God's love by communally engaging in Christ-like disciplines.

Emmalon Davis

CCEL Staff Writer

About St. Benedict

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Picture of St. Benedict
Picture of St. Benedict
Source: Wikipedia
Born: AD 480
Died: AD 543
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