Bede's Ecclesiastical History of England

by The Venerable Bede


The Ecclesiastical History of England examines the religious and political history of the Anglo-Saxons from the fifth century to 731 AD. St. Bede's historical survey opens with a broad outline of Roman Britain's geography and history. St. Bede pays special attention to the disagreement between Roman and Celtic Christians, the dates and locations of significant events in the Christian calendar, and political upheaval during the 600's. St. Bede collected information from a variety of monasteries, early Church and government writings, and the oral histories of Rome and Britain. This book is useful to people looking for a brief survey of religious and political figures and events in Anglo-Saxon history. Readers should recognize that St. Bede's religious and political biases are subtly reflected in his historiography, diminishing its objectivity. Nonetheless, his Ecclesiastical History of England is one of the most important texts of the Anglo-Saxon history. The book's historical import is evidenced by the fact that nearly 200 hand written copies were produced in the Middle Ages. St. Bede's text has since been translated into several different languages.

Emmalon Davis
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Picture of The Venerable Bede
Picture of The Venerable Bede
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Born: January 1, AD 673
Died: May 25, AD 735
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