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The Practical Works of Richard Baxter


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Part I - Christian Ethics

Part II: Christian Economics

Chapter I: Directions about marriage; for choice and contract

Chapter II: Directions for the choice of 1. Servants, 2. Masters

Chapter III: Disputation, Whether the Solemn Worhsip of God in and by Families as such, Be of Divine Appointment

Chapter IV: General Directions for the Holy Government of Families

Chapter V: Special Motives to Persuade Men to the Holy Government of their Families

Chapter VI: Motives for a Holy and Careful Education of Children

Chapter VII: The Mutual Duties of Husbands and Wives Towards Each Other

Chapter VIII: Special Duties of Husbands to their Wives

Chapter IX: The Special Duties of Wives to Their Husbands

Chapter X: The Duties of Parents for Their Children

Chapter XI: The Duties of Children Towards Their Parents

Chapter XII: The Special Duties of Children and Youth Towards God

Chapter XIII: The Duties of Servants to Their Masters

Chapter XIV: The Duty of Masters Towards Their Servants

Chapter XV: The Duties of Children and Fellow-servants to One Another

Chapter XVI: Directions for Holy Conference of Fellow-servants and Others

Chapter XVII: Directions for every member of the Family

Chapter XVIII: Directions for the Holy Spending of the Lord's Day in Families

Chapter XIX: Directions for Profitable Hearing God's Word Preached

Chapter XX: Directions for Profitble Reading the Holy Scriptures

Chapter XXI: Directions for Reading Other Books

Chapter XXII: Directions for Right Teaching Children and Servants

Chapter XXIII: Directions for Prayers in General

Chapter XXIV: Directions for Families About the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper

Chapter XXV: Directions for Fearful, Troubled Christians

Chapter XXVI: Directions for Declining, Backsliding Christians

Chapter XXVII: Directions for the Poor

Chapter XXVIII: Directions for the Rich

Chapter XXIX: Directions for the Aged and Weak

Chapter XXX: Directions for the Sick

Chapter XXXI: Directions to the Friends of the Sick

Part III: Christian Ecclesiastics

Part III: Christian Politics

Chapter I: General Directions for an Upright Life

Chapter II: General Directions for an Upright Life

Directions to subjects concerning their duty to rulers

Chapter IV: Directions to Lawyers about their Duty to God

Chapter V: The Duty of Physicians

Chapter VI: Directions to Schoolmasters

Chapter VII: Directions for Soldiers

VIII: Directions Against Murder

Chapter IX: Directions for the Forgiving of Injuries and Enemies

Chapter X: Cases Resolved about Forgiving Wrongs, Debts, and About Self Defence

Chapter XI: Special Directions to Escape the Guilt of Persecution

Chapter XII: Directions Against Scandal Given

Chapter XIII: Directions against Scandal Taken

Chapter XIV: Directions Against Soul-Murder

Chapter XV: General Directions for Furthering Salvation

Chapter XVI: Special Directions for Holy Conference, Exhortation, and Reproof

Chapter XVII: Directions for Keeping Peace with All Men

Chapter XVIII: Direcections Against all Theft, Fraud, or Injuries

Chapter XIX: General Directions and Particular cases of Conscience

Chaper XX: Motives and Directions against Opression

Chapter XXI: Cases and Directions about Prodigality and Sinful Waste

Chapter XXII: Cases and Directions against Injurious Lawsuits, Witnessing, and Judgment

Chapter XXIII: Cases of Conscience and Directions against Backbiting, Slandering, and Evil Speaking

Chapter XXIV: Cases of and Directions Against Censoriousness, and Sinful Judging

Chapter XXV: Cases and Directions About Trusts and Secrets

Chapter XXVI: Directions Against Selfishness

Chapter XXVII: Cases and Directions for Loving Our Neighbors as Our Selves

Chapter XXVIII: Cases of, and Directions for, the Love of Godly Persons

Chapter XXIX: Cases and Directions for Loving Enemies and Doing Them Good

Chapter XXX: Cases and Directions about Works of Charity

Chapter XXXI: Cases and Directions about Confesing Sins and Injuries to Others

Chapter XXXII: Cases and Directions about Satisfaction and Restitution

Chapter XXXIII: Cases and Directions about Our Obtaining Pardon from God

Chapter XXXIV: Cases and Directions About Self-Judging


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