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Verse 20. Wherefore. In view of all that has been said. If it be true that you are really dead to the world, why do you act as if you still lived under the principles of the world?

If ye be dead with Christ. If you are dead to the world in virtue of his death. The apostle here, as elsewhere, speaks of a very close union with Christ. We died with him; that is, such was the efficacy of his death, and such is our union with him, that we became dead also to the world. See Barnes "Ro 6:2"; See Barnes "Ro 6:4"; See Barnes "Ro 6:8"; See Barnes "Ro 6:11".


From the rudiments of the world. Marg., elements. The elements or principles which axe of a worldly nature, and which reign among worldly men. See Barnes "Gal 4:3".


Why, as though living in the world? Why do you allow them to influence you, as though you were living and acting under those worldly principles? They ought no more to do it than the things of this world influence those who are in their graves.

Are ye subject to ordinances. The rites and ceremonies of the Jewish religion. See Barnes "Gal 5:1-4".


{1} "rudiments" "elements"

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