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EPHESIANS - Chapter 6 - Verse 20

Verse 20. For which I am an ambassador in bonds. In chains, (see the margin;) or in confinement. There is something peculiarly touching in this. He was an ambassador sent to proclaim peace to a lost world. But he was now in chains. An ambassador is a sacred character. No greater affront can be given to a nation than to put its ambassadors to death, or even to throw them into prison. But Paul says here that the unusual spectacle was witnessed of an ambassador seized, bound, confined, imprisoned; an ambassador who ought to have the privileges conceded to all such men, and to be permitted to go everywhere publishing the terms of mercy and salvation. See the word ambassador explained See Barnes "2 Co 5:20".


That therein. Marg., or thereof. Gr., en autw- in it; that is, says Rosenmuller, in the gospel. It means, that in speaking the gospel he might be bold.

I may speak boldly. Openly, plainly, without fear. See Barnes "Ac 4:13"; See Barnes "Ac 9:27"; See Barnes "Ac 13:46"; See Barnes "Ac 14:3"

See Barnes "Ac 18:26"; See Barnes "Ac 19:8"; See Barnes "Ac 26:26".


As I ought to speak. Whether in bonds or at large. Paul felt that the gospel ought always to be spoken with plainness, and without the fear of man. It is remarkable that he did not ask them to pray that he might be released. Why he did not we do not know; but perhaps the desire of release did not He so near his heart as the duty of speaking the gospel with boldness. It may be of much more importance that we perform our duty aright when we axe afflicted, or are in trouble, than that we should be released.

{1} "bonds" "a chain" {2} "therein" "thereof" {d} "to speak" Isa 58:1

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