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EPHESIANS - Chapter 6 - Verse 19

Verse 19. And for me. Paul was then a prisoner at Rome. He specially needed the prayers of Christians,

(1.) that he might be sustained in his afflictions; and

(2.) that he might be able to manifest the spirit which he ought, and to do good as he had opportunity. Learn hence that we should pray for the prisoner, the captive, the man in chains, the slave. There are in this land constantly not far from ten thousand prisoners—husbands, fathers, sons, brothers; or wives, mothers, daughters. True, they are the children of crime, but they are also the children of sorrow; and in either case, or both, they need our prayers. There are in this land not far from three millions of slaves—and they need our prayers. They are the children of misfortune and of many wrongs; they are sunk in ignorance and want and woe; they are subjected to trials, and exposed to temptations to the lowest vices. But many of them, we trust, love the Redeemer; and whether they do or do not, they need an interest in the prayers of Christians.

That utterance may be given unto me. Paul, though a prisoner, was permitted to preach the gospel. See Barnes "Ac 28:30, See Barnes "Ac 28:31".


That I may open my mouth boldly. He was in Rome. He was almost alone, he was surrounded by multitudes of the wicked. He was exposed to death. Yet he desired to speak boldly in the name of the Lord Jesus, and to invite sinners to repentance. A Christian in chains, and surrounded by the wicked, may speak boldly, and may have hope of success—for Paul was not an unsuccessful preacher ever when a captive at Rome. See Barnes "Php 4:22".


The mystery of the Gospel. See Barnes "Eph 1:9".


{c} "that utterance" 2 Th 3:1 {*} "mystery" "truth"

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