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Verse 16. This I say then. This is the true rule about overcoming the propensities of your carnal natures, and of avoiding the evils of strife and contention.

Walk. The Christian life is often represented as a journey; and the word walk, in the Scripture, is often equivalent to live, Mr 7:5. See Barnes "Ro 4:12"; See Barnes "Ro 6:4"; See Barnes "Ro 8:1".


In the Spirit. Live under the influences of the Holy Spirit; admit those influences fully into your hearts. Do not resist him, but yield to all his suggestions. See Barnes "Ro 8:1".

What the Holy Spirit would produce, Paul states in Ga 5:22,23".

If a man would yield his heart to those influences, he would be able to overcome all his evil propensities; and it is because he resists that Spirit that he is ever overcome by the corrupt passions of his nature. Never was a better, safer, or a more easy rule given to overcome our corrupt and sensual desires than that here furnished. Comp. See Barnes "Ro 8:1, and Ro 8:2-13.

And ye shall not fulfil, etc. Marg., Fulfil not—as if it were a command. So Tindal renders it. But the more common interpretation, as it is the more significant, is that adopted by our translators. Thus it is not merely a command; it is the statement of an important and deeply interesting truth—that the only way to overcome the corrupt desires and propensities of our nature, is by submitting to the influences of the Holy Spirit. It is not by philosophy; it is not by mere resolutions to resist them; it is not by the force of education and laws; it is only by admitting into our souls the influence of religion, and yielding ourselves to the guidance of the Holy Spirit of God. If we live under the influences of that Spirit, we need not fear the power of the sensual and corrupt propensities of our nature.

{b} "Walk" Ro 8:1,4,13

{1} "ye shall not fulfill the lust" "fulfil not" {*} "lust" "desire"

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