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Verse 6. Even as. kaywv. The force of this expression seems to be this: "The gospel of Christ was at first established among you by means of the miraculous endowments of the Holy Ghost. Those same endowments are still continued among you, and now furnish evidence of the Divine favour, and of the truth of the gospel to you, even as—i.e., in the same measure as they did when the gospel was first preached." The power to speak with tongues, etc., (chap. xiv.,) would be a continued miracle, and would be demonstration to them then of the truth of Christianity as it was at first.

The testimony of Christ. The gospel. It is here called "the testimony of Christ," because it bore witness to Christ—to his Divine nature, his miracles, his Messiahship, his character, his death, etc. The message of the gospel consists in bearing witness to Christ and his work. See 1 Co 15:1-4; 2 Ti 1:8.

Was confirmed. Was established, or proved. It was proved to be Divine, by the miraculous attestations of the Holy Spirit. It was confirmed, or made certain to their souls, by the agency of the Holy Spirit, sealing it on their hearts. The word translated confirmed, ebebaiwyh is used in the sense of establishing, confirming, or demonstrating by miracles, etc., in Mr 16:20, Compare Heb 13:9; Php 1:7.

In you. en umin. Among you as a people, or in your hearts. Perhaps the apostle intends to include both. The gospel had been established among them by the demonstrations of the agency of the Spirit in the gift of tongues, and had at the same time taken deep root in their hearts, and was exerting a practical influence on their lives.

{+} "confirmed in" "among"

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