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Verse 5. That in every thing. In every respect, or in regard to all the favours conferred on any of his people. You have been distinguished by him in all those respects in which he blesses his own children.

Ye are enriched by him. See Barnes "Ro 2:4".

The meaning of this expression is, "you abound in these things; they are conferred abundantly upon you." By the use of this word, the apostle intends doubtless to denote the fact that these blessings had been conferred on them abundantly; and also that this was a valuable endowment, so as to be properly called a treasure. The mercies of God are not only conferred abundantly on his people, but they are a bestowment of inestimable value. Comp. 2 Co 6:10.

In all utterance. With the power of speaking various languages, en panti logw. That this power was conferred on the church at Corinth, and that it was highly valued by them, is evident from 1 Co 14. Compare 2 Co 8:7. The power of speaking those languages the apostle regarded as a subject of thanksgiving, as it was a proof of the Divine favour to them. See 1 Co 14:5,22,39.


And in all knowledge. In the knowledge of Divine truth. They had understood the doctrines which they had heard, and had intelligently embraced them. This was not true of all of them, but it was of the body of the church; and the hearty commendation and thanksgiving of the apostle for these favours, laid the foundation for the remarks which he had subsequently to make, and would tend to conciliate their minds, and dispose them to listen attentively, even to the language of reproof.

{b} "utterance" 2 Co 8:7.

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