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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 20 - Verse 22

Verse 22. Bound in the spirit. Strongly urged or constrained by the influences of the Holy Spirit on my mind. Not by any desire to see the place where my fathers worshipped, and not urged merely by reason, but by the convictions and mighty promptings of the Holy Spirit to do my duty in this case. The expression "bound in the spirit"—dedemenov tw pneumati— is one of great strength and emphasis. The word dew, to bind, is usually applied to confinement by cords, fetters, or bands, Mt 13:30; 14:3; 21:2; and then denotes any strong obligation, Ro 7:2, or anything that strongly urges or impels, Mt 21:2. When we are strongly urged by the convictions of duty, by the influences of the Holy Spirit, we should not shrink from danger or from death. Duty is to be done at all hazards. It is ours to follow the directions of God; results we may safely and confidently leave with him.

Not knowing the things that shall befall me there. He knew that calamities and trials of some kind awaited him, Ac 20:23, but he did not know

(1.) of what particular kind they would be; nor

(2.) their issue, whether it should be life or death. We should commit our way unto God, not knowing what trials may be before us in life; but knowing that, if we are found faithful at the post of duty, we have nothing to fear in the issue.

{e} "go bound" Ac 19:21 {f} "knowing" Jas 4:14

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