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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 20 - Verse 21

Verse 21. Testifying. Bearing witness to the necessity of repentance towards God. Or teaching them the nature of repentance, etc., and exhorting them to repent and believe. Perhaps the word testifying includes both ideas of giving evidence, and of urging with great earnestness and affection that repentance and faith were necessary. See 1 Ti 5:21; 2 Ti 2:14; where the word here used, and here translated testify, is there translated correctly charge, in the sense of strongly urging, or entreating with great earnestness.

Also to the Greeks. To all who were not Jews. The Greeks, properly, denoted those who lived in Greece, and who spoke the Greek language. But the phrase "Jews and Greeks," among the Hebrews, denoted the whole human race. He urged the necessity of repentance and faith in all. Religion makes no distinction, but regards all as sinners, and as needing salvation by the blood of the Redeemer.

Repentance toward God. See Barnes "Mt 3:2".

Repentance is to be exercised "toward God," because

(1.) sin has been committed against him, and it is proper that we express our sorrow to the Being whom we have offended; and,

(2.) because God only can pardon. Sincere repentance exists only where there is a willingness to make acknowledgment to the very being whom we have offended or injured.

And faith. See Barnes "Mr 16:6".


Toward. eiv. In regard to; in; confidence in the work and merits of the Lord Jesus. This is required, because there is no other one who can save from sin. See Barnes "Ac 4:12".


{d} "repentance toward God" Mr 1:15

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