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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 10 - Verse 38

Verse 38. How God anointed, etc. That is, set him apart to this work, and was with him, acknowledging him as the Messiah. See Barnes "Mt 1:1".


With the Holy Ghost. See Barnes "Lu 4:19".

The act of anointing the kings and priests seems to have been emblematic of the influences of the Holy Ghost. Here it means, that God communicated to him the influences of the Holy Spirit, thus setting him apart for the work of the Messiah. See Mt 3:16,17; Joh 3:34

: "God giveth not the Spirit by measure unto him."

And with power. The power of healing the sick, raising the dead, etc.

Who went about doing good. Whose main business it was to travel from place to place to do good. He did not go for applause, or wealth, or comfort, or ease, but to diffuse happiness as far as possible. This is the simple but sublime record of his life. This, in few, but most affecting words, tells us all about the Saviour. It gives us a distinct portrait of his character, as he is distinguished from conquerors and kings, and false prophets, and the mass of men.

And healing, etc. Restoring to health.

All that were oppressed of the devil. All that were possessed by him. See Barnes "Mt 4:23,24".


God was with him. God appointed him, and furnished by his miracles the highest evidence that he had sent him. His miracles were such that they could be wrought only by God.

{d} "anointed Jesus" Lu 4:18; Heb 1:9 {e} "who went about" Mt 12:15 {+} "healing" "curing" {f} "oppressed of the devil" 1 Jo 3:8 {g} "for God was with him" Joh 3:2

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