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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JOHN - Chapter 11 - Verse 48

Verse 48. All men. That is, all men among the Jews. The whole nation.

And the Romans shall come. They were then subject to the Romans—tributary and dependent. Whatever privileges they had they held at the will of the Roman emperor. They believed, or feigned to believe, that Jesus was intending to set up a temporal kingdom. As he claimed to be the Messiah, so they supposed, of course, that he designed to be a temporal prince, and they professed to believe that this claim was, in fact, hostility to the Roman emperor. They supposed that it would involve the nation in war if he was not arrested, and that the effect would be that they would be vanquished and destroyed. It was on this charge that they at last arraigned him before Pilate, Lu 23:2,3.

Will take away. This expression means to destroy, to ruin, to overthrow, Lu 8:12; Ac 6:13,14.


Our place. This probably refers to the temple, Ac 6:13,14. It was called "the place" by way of eminence, as being the chief or principal place on earth—being the seat of the peculiar worship of God. This place was utterly destroyed by the Romans. See Barnes Mt 24:1, and following.

And nation. The nation or people of the Jews.

{h} "all men" Joh 12:19

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