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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JOHN - Chapter 11 - Verse 49

Verse 49. Caiaphas. See Barnes "Lu 3:2".


Being high-priest that same year. It is probable that the office of high-priest was at first for life, if there was no conduct that rendered the person unworthy the office. In that case the incumbent was removed. Thus Abiathar was removed by Solomon, 1 Ki 2:27. Subsequently the kings, and especially the conquerors of Judea, claimed and exercised the right of removing the high-priest at pleasure, so that, in the time of the Romans, the office was held but a short time. (See the Chronological Table at the end of this volume.) Caiaphas held the office about ten years.

Ye know nothing at all. That is, you know nothing respecting the subject under consideration. You are fools to hesitate about so plain a case. It is probable that there was a party, even in the Sanhedrim, that was secretly in favour of Jesus as the Messiah. Of that party Nicodemus was certainly one. See Joh 3:1; 7:50,51; 11:45; 12:42.

"Among the chief rulers, also, many believed on him," &c.

{i} "named Caiphas" Lu 3:3; Joh 18:14; Ac 1:6

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