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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JOHN - Chapter 10 - Verse 17

Verse 17. I lay down my life. I give myself to die for my people, in Jewish and pagan lands. I offer myself a sacrifice to show the willingness of my Father to save them; to provide an atonement, and thus to open the way for their salvation. This proves that the salvation of man was an object dear to God, and that it was a source of peculiar gratification to him that his Son was willing to lay down his life to accomplish his great purposes of benevolence.

That I might take it again. Be raised up from the dead, and glorified, and still carry on the work of redemption. See this same sentiment sublimely expressed in Php 2:5-11.

{r} "because I lay down" Isa 53:7-12; He 2:9

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