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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LUKE - Chapter 24 - Verse 53

Verse 53. Were continually in the temple. Until the day of Pentecost—that is, about ten days after. See Ac 2:1-47.

Praising and blessing God. Chiefly for the full proof that the Messiah had come; had redeemed them, and had ascended to heaven. "Thus the days of their mourning were ended." They were filled with happiness at the assurance of redemption, and expressed what every Christian should feel—fulness of joy at the glad tidings that a Saviour has died, and risen, and ascended to God; and an earnest desire to pour forth in the sanctuary prayers and thanksgivings to the God of grace for his mercy to a lost and ruined world.

{r} "praising" Ac 2:46,47; 5:42

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