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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LUKE - Chapter 15 - Verse 24

Verse 24. Was dead. This is capable of two significations:

1st. I supposed that he was dead, but I know now that he is alive.

2nd. He was dead to virtue—he was sunk in pleasure and vice. The word is not unfrequently thus used. See 1 Ti 5:6; Mt 8:22; Ro 6:13.

Hence to be restored to virtue is said to be restored to life, Ro 6:13; Re 3:1; Eph 2:1.

It is probable that this latter is the meaning here. See Lu 15:31.

Was lost. Had wandered away from home, and we knew not where he was.

{p} "For" Lu 15:32 {q} "was dead" Eph 2:1; 5:14; Re 3:1

{r} "is alive again" Ro 6:11,13 {s} "was lost" Eze 34:4,16; Lu 19:10

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