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THE EPISTLE TO THE ROMANS - Chapter 8 - Verse 6

Verse 6. For to be carnally minded. Margin, "The minding of the flesh." The sense is, that to follow the inclinations of the flesh. or the corrupt propensities of our nature, leads to condemnation and death. The expression is one of great energy, and shows that it not only leads to death, or leads to misery, but that it is death itself; there is woe and condemnation in the very act and purpose of being supremely devoted to the corrupt passions. Its only tendency is condemnation and despair.

Is death. The penalty of transgression; condemnation and eternal ruin. See Barnes "Ro 5:12".


But to be spiritually minded. Margin, "The minding of the Spirit." That is, making it the object of the mind, the end and aim of the actions, to cultivate the graces of the Spirit, and to submit to his influence. To be spiritually minded is to seek those feelings and views which the Holy Spirit produces, and to follow his leadings.

Is life. This is opposed to death in Ro 8:6. It tends to life, and is in fact real life. For, to possess and cultivate the graces of the Spirit, to be led where he would guide us, is the design of our existence, and is the only path of happiness.

And peace. See Barnes "Ro 6:1".


{1} "For to be carnally minded", or "the minding of the flesh" {n} "but to be" Gal 6:8 {2} "spiritually minded", or "the minding of the spirit"

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