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Verse 10. Be not afraid. The ancients, when in the presence of a heavenly being—an angel, or one who was supposed to be possessed of Divine power—were commonly struck with great fear, as well as a great sense of their unworthiness. See Lu 5:8; Jud 6:22,23; 13:21,22.

The women were in like manner alarmed when they saw Jesus, believing him now peculiarly to be a Divine Being; seeing him returning from the regions of the dead; and doubtless impressed with a new consciousness that they were unworthy of being in his presence. Jesus comforted them. He was the same Jesus with whom they had been before his death; and they had no reason now to fear him.

Go tell my brethren. There is something exceedingly tender in the appellation here used, "my brethren." Though he was risen from the dead—though about to be exalted to heaven—yet he did not disdain to call his disciples his brethren. This was calculated still farther to silence the fears of the women, and inspire them with confidence.

Into Galilee. Galilee was the northern part of the land. There the Saviour commenced his ministry; and there, away from the noise and confusion of the city, he purposed again to meet them, in retirement and quietness, to satisfy them of his resurrection, and to commission them to go forth and preach the everlasting gospel.

{m} "brethren" Heb 2:11

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