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Verse 9. And as they went—Jesus met them. This was when they left the sepulchre the second time. Jesus first appeared to Mary Magdalene, when alone, Joh 20:14. Afterwards he appeared to the other women, as related by Matthew. See the accounts of the resurrection harmonized, at the end of this chapter.

All hail. This is a term of salutation. The word "all" has been supplied by the translators. It is not in the original. The meaning of the world "hail" here, is rejoice; a term of salutation connected with the idea of joy—joy at his resurrection, and at meeting them again.

Held him by the feet. Or threw themselves prostrate before him. This was the usual posture of supplication. See 2 Ki 4:37. It does not mean that they took hold of his feet, but only that they cast themselves down before him.

And worshipped him. See Barnes "Mt 8:2".

In this place the word worship seems to denote the homage due to the Messiah risen from the dead; regarded by them now in a proper light, and entitled to the honour which was due to God, agreeably to Joh 5:23.

{l} "All hail" Joh 20:19

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