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Verse 17. And Jesus answered—Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-jona is the same as Simon son of Jona. Bar is a Syriac word, signifying son. The father of Peter, therefore, was Jona, or Jonas, Joh 1:42; 21:16,17.


Blessed. That is, happy, honoured, evincing a proper spirit, and entitled to the approbation of God.

For flesh and blood. This phrase commonly signifies man, (see Ga 1:16; Eph 6:12; and it has been commonly supposed that he meant to say that man had not revealed it. But Jesus seems rather to have referred to himself.

"This truth you have not learned from my lowly appearance,

from my human nature, from my apparent rank and standing

in the world. You, Jews, were expecting to know the Messiah

by his external splendour, his pomp and power as a man. But

you have not learned me in this manner. I have shown no

such indication of my Messiahship. Flesh and blood have

not shown it. In spite of my appearance—my lowly state—

my want of resemblance to what you have expected—you have

learned it, taught by God."

This they had been taught by his miracles, his instructions, and the direct teachings of God on their minds. To reveal is to make known, or communicate something that was unknown, or secret.

{o} "flesh and blood" 1 Co 2:10; Ga 1:16; Eph 2:8

{p} "but my Father" 1 Jo 4:15; 5:20

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