Paradise or Garden of the Holy Fathers: Volume 2

by St. Athanasius


Seeking to know more about Egyptian monastic life in the third through fifth centuries? Wonder what these pious believers believed and how they lived? Are you curious about their doctrine compared to the church's doctrine today? The Paradise of the Holy Fathers Volume II is the source you may seek. An original writing discovered in 1888 was translated by E.A. Wallis Budge to share it far and wide. Historical significance, spiritual enlightenment, and fascinating insights can all be found within these pages.

Wailand Groenendyk
CCEL Staff Writer

About St. Athanasius

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Picture of St. Athanasius
Picture of St. Athanasius
Source: Wikipedia
Born: 298
Died: 374
Related topics: Athanasius,--Saint, Patriarch of Alexandria,--d. 373, Anthony,--of Egypt, Saint,--ca. 250-355 or 6, Arianism, Christian saints, Biography, …
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