The Authour to the Reader .

i. Of a Pastor .

ii. Their Diversities .

iii. The Parson's Life .


iv. The Parson's Knowledg .

v. The Parson's Accessary Knowledges .

vi. The Parson praying .

vii. The Parson preaching .

viii. The Parson on Sundays .

ix. The Parson's state of Life .

x. The Parson in his house .

xi. The Parson's Courtesie .

xii. The Parson's Charity .

xiii. The Parson's Church .

xiv. The Parson in Circuit .

xv. The Parson Comforting .

xvi. The Parson a Father .

xvii. The Parson in Journey .

xviii. The Parson in Sentinell .

xix. The Parson in reference .

xx. The Parson in God's stead .

xxi. The Parson Catechizing .

xxii. The Parson in Sacraments .

xxiii. The Parson's Completenesse .

xxiv. The Parson arguing .

xxv. The Parson punishing .

xxvi. The Parson's eye .

xxvii. The Parson in mirth .

xxviii. The Parson in Contempt .

xxix. The Parson with his Church-Wardens .

xxx. The Parson's Consideration of Providence .

xxxi. The Parson in Liberty .

xxxii. The Parson's Surveys .

xxxiii. The Parson's Library .

xxxiv. The Parson's Dexterity in applying of Remedies .

xxxv. The Parson's Condescending .

xxxvi. The Parson Blessing .

xxxvii. Concerning detraction .

The Authour's Prayers before and after Sermon .

[Rectory at Bemerton]

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