1632 By George Herbert

The Parson punishing.

WHensoever the Countrey Parson proceeds so farre as
to call in Authority, and to do such things of legall
opposition either in the presenting, or punishing of any, as
the vulgar ever consters for signes of ill will; he forbears not
in any wise to use the delinquent as before, in his behaviour
and carriage towards him, not avoyding his company, or
doing any thing of aversenesse, save in the very act of
punishment: neither doth he esteem him for an enemy, but
as a brother still, except some small and temporary estrang-
ling may corroborate the punishment to a better subduing,
and humbling of the delinquent; which if it happily take
effect, he then comes on the faster, and makes so much the
more of him, as before he alienated himselfe; doubling his
regards, and shewing by all means, that the delinquents
returne is to his advantage.

Editor's Note: I could not find the meaning of "consters." If you know, From the context "look," "divine" or "infer" would fit.

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