1632 By George Herbert

The Parson a Father.

THe Countrey Parson is not only a father to his flock,
but also professeth himselfe throughly of the opinion,
carrying it about with him as fully, as if he had begot his
whole Parish. And of this he makes great use. For by this
means, when any sinns, he hateth him not as an officer, but
pityes him as a Father: and even in those wrongs which
either in tithing, or otherwise are done to his owne person,
hee considers the offender as a child, and forgives, so hee
may have any signe of amendment; so also when after many
admonitions, any continue to be refractory, yet hee gives
him not over, but is long before hee proceede to disinherit-
ing, or perhaps never goes so far; knowing, that some are
called at the eleventh houre, and therefore hee still expects,
and waits, least hee should determine Gods houre of coming;
which as hee cannot, touching the last day, so neither touch-
ing the intermediate days of Conversion.

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