Table of Contents

Title Page.

Prefatory Material.

Sermon I. The Ways of Wisdom Are Ways of Pleasantness.

Sermon II. Of the Creation of Man in the Image of God.

Sermon III. Interest Deposed, and Truth Restored; and Sermon IV. Religion the Best Reason of State.

Sermon V. The Duties of the Episcopal Function.

Sermon VI. Why Christ’s Doctrine Was Rejected by the Jews.

Sermon VII. God’s Peculiar Regard to Places Set Apart for Divine Worship.

Sermon. VIII. All Contingencies Under the Direction of God’s Providence.

Sermon IX. The Wisdom of This World.

Sermon X. Good Inclinations No Excuse for Bad Actions.

Sermon XI. Of the Odious Sin of Ingratitude.

Sermon XII. Of the Base Sins of Falsehood and Lying.

Sermon XIII. The Practice of Religion Enforced by Reason.

Sermon XIV. Of the Love of Christ to His Disciples.

Sermon XV. Against Long Extempore Prayers.

Sermon XVI. Against Long Extempore Prayers.