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DRAW me after Thyself, O my God, disentangle my heart from the love of creatures, and lift it up to Thee, who art over all things, and in all things. O may the noise of this fleeting world be silent in my ears, may vain imaginations, and fancies, and all distraction of thought be far from me. May my soul pass by all sensible delights, and fix the eyes of faith on Thee, her Creator, who art every where present. Grant, O Lord, that I may rest on Thee alone, and may find no delight, and seek for no consolation save in Thee.

O most lovely Jesus, pierce the inmost of my soul with the sweetest dart of Thy love; penetrate me through and through with the fire of charity; transfix my spirit with Thy sharpest arrows, that, wounded by Thee, I may languish for Thy love, and may swoon away as it were on Thee, and so be intimately united to Thee, to the glory of Thy name. O may Thy sweetest perfumes be wafted on my heart, and may the unspeakable fragrance of Thy love be so outpoured upon me, that it may excite within me everlasting longings after Thee.


O most gracious Jesus, give me true contrition of heart, and floods of tears that may be pleasing in Thy sight. Grant that I may ever behave myself in Thy presence with great reverence, and have Thee continually in my heart, and in my mouth, and before mine eyes, and thus may no room be found within me for strange love. Grant, that, being wholly filled with the sweetness of Thy most holy charity, and consumed by the fire of Thy love I may love Thee, my God, with my whole heart, and with all the force of my inmost soul.

I love Thee, O my Jesus, and I desire to love Thee more and more. Give me grace, by the power of Thy love, to shake off from me every weight of earthly affection, and to run after the sweetness of Thy delights. Write on the tablet of my heart a holy remembrance of Thyself, that I may indulge in no carnal or unworthy thoughts, but may seek after Thee alone; and ever feel the presence of Thy grace within me.

O fountain of mercy, whose streams never cease to flow, come and give Thyself unto my soul. For Thee do I long with my whole heart, the whole intention of my mind is fixed on Thee. Grant that I may love 78Thee with such purity, courage, and steadfastness, that Thou mayest wholly fill me, and change me into Thyself, and thus may I be continually a sacrifice of sweet savour ever acceptable unto Thee.

O eternal Shepherd, feed Thy poor famished beggar, enlighten the darkness of my soul with the brightness of Thy presence; enkindle the coldness of my heart with the fire of Thy love. May the sweet violence of Thy charity absorb, and purify, and penetrate my whole soul, and may the flame of chaste affections so seize my inmost heart, that I may think on Thee, long after Thee, and cleave unto Thee for ever.

I call upon Thee, O my God, I cry after Thee, my salvation, with all the powers of my soul. Come into my inmost heart: fit my soul unto Thyself, so that Thou mayest possess it wholly without spot, for a clean dwelling becomes Thee, who art the Lord of all purity. Grant that I may be wholly enkindled with Thy love, that I may lose myself in Thee, and know Thee, and feel Thee alone, and rejoice and rest in Thee. Amen.

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