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SANCTIFY, O Lord, I beseech Thee, my heart which Thou hast created, and cast out from it all wickedness, fill it and keep it filled with Thy grace, that I may be made a temple worthy for Thee to dwell in, Thou that art sweeter than honey, brighter than the sun, more pleasant to the taste than nectar, more precious than gold and fine jewels. O mayest Thou alone give pleasure to my soul, mayest Thou be the only object of my earnest longings and desire.

O pleasant calmness! O calm delight! O Thou most gladsome light, which lighteneth every man that cometh into the world! shake off the darkness from my soul, enlighten my mind, that I may know myself and Thee, and may love Thee more than myself. May I love Thee, sweet Jesus, above heaven and earth, and all things that are therein; mayest Thou alone be my only aim, and Thou the single desire of my heart. May I meditate on Thee by. day, with a ready and grateful heart; may I think on Thee by night when I am asleep, 80and may my soul at all times hold sweet converse with Thee.

O true-love! O lovely truth! O everlasting God! I desire to cleave unto Thee, my thoughts are fixed on Thee, I pant after Thee, I sigh for Thee, I seek Thee; Thee do I desire to embrace, in Thee alone do I wish to find any consolation. So do I. desire to leave all save Thee alone, as if my . soul were separated from the body and stood before Thee, and enjoyed in all perfection, the amiable presence of Thy countenance.

O my sweetest Lord God, give rest to the wearied, strengthen the feeble, feed the hungry, gather the dispersed abroad, heal the maimed, open to him that knocks, stretch forth the hand of Thy goodness to me, Thy wretched creature; bid me come unto Thee, bid me remain with Thee, may my soul forget itself, may it, whether in prosperity or adversity, cleave inseparably. unto Thee, and thoroughly refuse all other consolation.

O light which always shineth and never groweth dull, do Thou enlighten me; O fire ever burning and that never waneth, do Thou enkindle me. O love that art ever 81burning, and that never groweth lukewarm, do Thou absorb and transform me into Thyself. Grant that I may long unceasingly after Thee. with my whole heart. May my every breath be drawn in Thee, who art full of sweetness. O Thou that art my joy, engladden my soul. Come into it, O Thou that art sweetness itself, let it taste of Thy delights, and find no pleasure save in Thee.

O Lord, comfort me in my affliction, pour into my heart the streams of Thy holy love. May the unspeakable virtue of Thy love penetrate and take possession of the inmost of my soul.

Great is my weariness in this my pilgrimage, great is my toil during the troubles of this present world. Grant that with renewed strength I may fly up to Thee on the wings of pure contemplation, even to the place where Thy glory dwelleth. May I there rest under the shadow of Thy wings, far from the noise and tumult of earthly thoughts that trouble me.

Wound, O my Lord, wound the very inmost of my inward man, with the dart of Thy love, and kindle the marrow of my drooping soul with Thy life-giving flame. 82Write with Thy finger on my breast a sweet remembrance of Thyself, which no forgetfulness may obliterate. O may I seek and follow Thee for ever, may I find Thee and for all eternity delight in nought but Thee. Amen.

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