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O MY beloved Jesus, my sweet Redeemer! wash, I beseech Thee, my soul in Thy blood, and blot out all my sins. Quench and mortify within me whatever is displeasing in Thy sight: for I desire to please Thee and to love Thee with my whole heart. Adorn me with the merits and virtues of Thy most holy humanity. Create in me a clean heart, and renew a right spirit within me. Gave me a quiet mind, clear and bright, like the blue of heaven; excite in me the desire of holy love. May Thy heavenly breath breathe over the length and breadth of my heart, that its icy stupidity being thawed, the odours of Thy grace may abound within it,


O depth of love! O Jesus, my God and my joy! O ancient Light! O Light of immeasurable loveliness, enlighten my mind with the ineffable brightness of Thy beaming calmness. Shine upon me, sighing after Thee, that the shades of death may not encompass me. Behold, O Lord, behold I desire to love Thee with the whole strength of my heart; help mine infirmity, and grant that I may taste the honied sweetness of the outpourings of Thy love. Inflame and thoroughly enkindle me with the fire of Thy love.

O my Lord, I adore Thee, I worship Thee, I glorify Thee, by all means that are in my power: Thou art the beauty of the heavens; Thou art the loveliness of the firmament; Thou art sweet to the taste, and fragrant to the smell; Thou art grateful to the hearing; and in Thine embraces there is ineffable delight; Thou art all calmness; Thou art ever blooming; Thou art wholly to be loved, and wholly to be desired; Thou art the life, the honour, the comfort of my soul, and my only good. Anoint, I beseech Thee, the inmost of my heart with the sweet ointment of Thy grace, that overflowing with the delights of 74holy love, I may be a sweet sacrifice in Thy sight, and may for ever please Thee.

I wholly commend myself to Thee, O Thou that art my confidence; I offer myself entirely unto Thee, O my most sure hope; I cast myself upon Thee, Thou that art my only salvation. Enlighten, teach, direct, and entirely possess me. Incline Thine ear of mercy, O Lord, to the complaints of Thy poor little one that calleth upon Thee; one thing I ask, one thing I earnestly beg of Thee; may the love of Thee so burn within me, may the overflowings of perfect charity so take possession of the inmost of my soul, that I may sing sweet melodies unto Thee in my heart.

O strength unvanquished, and everlasting firmament! Jesus Christ, whose love overcomes the sharpness of death, quicken, confirm, and strengthen my whole soul in Thee. May the sweet fragrance of Thy love breathe upon me in all inward troubles and poorness of spirit; that, gladdened by the remembrance of Thy sweetness, I may be strong and faint not. Adorn the garden of my heart with the flowers of most holy charity, that when Thou comest down into it, Thou mayest find it beauteous in Thy sight.


O good Jesus! O heavenly Spouse of surpassing beauty! O most silent comforter of holy souls, who dost protect in dangers those that trust in Thee, hiding them under the shadow of Thy wings, who in time of sorrow dost refresh with the sweetness of Thy spiritual delights those that love Thee; kindle my heart with that fire which Thou didst come on earth to send, and didst will that it should burn exceedingly, that I may love Thee from the depths of my inmost soul.

O dazzling Fire! O devouring and consuming Fire! How brightly dost Thou shine though unseen, how sweetly dost Thou burn. After Thee alone do I thirst, O my Jesus; for Thee alone do I hunger, for Thee do I cry out with great longings of heart, exceedingly desiring to see Thy most gracious countenance. Nothing is so sweet to me as to be with Thee, and to cleave unto Thee. O may I at all times and in all places stand before Thee with a pure heart, that perfectly loving Thee, I may joyfully embrace Thee with the arms of my soul. Amen.

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