BUCHWALD, būh'vald, GEORG APOLLO: German Protestant; b. at Grossenhain (19 m. n.n.w. of Dresden) July 16, 1859. He was educated at the University of Leipsic (Ph.D., 1882), and was successively a teacher in the real-school of Mittweida (1882-83) and the royal gymnasium of Zwickau (1883-85), after which he was diaconus at Zwickau (1885-92) and Leipsic (1892-96). Since 1896 he has been pastor of the Michaeliskirche, Leipsic. In addition to numerous minor contributions to theological periodicals and to collaborating on the Weimar and Erlangen editions of the works of Luther, he has written Luther und die Juden (Leipsic, 1881); Nachklang der Epistolœ obscurorum virorum (Dresden, 1882); Logosbegriff des Johannes Scotus Erigena (Leipsic,1884); Lutheri Scholœ in librum Judicum (1884); Ungedruckte Predigten D. Martin Luthers 1530 auf der Coburg gehalten (Zwickau, 1884); Sechs Predigten Johannes Bugenhagens (Halle, 1885); Andreas Poachs handschriftliche Sammlung ungedruckter Predigten D. Martin Luthers aus den Jahren 1528-46 (2 vols., Leipsic, 1884-85); Allerlei aus drei Jahrhunderten (Zwickau, 1887); Eine sächsische Pilgerfahrt nach Palästina, vor vier hundert Jahren (Barmen, 1889); Elf ungedruckte Predigten Luthers gehalten in der Trinitatiszeit, 1539 (Werdau, 1888); Luthers letzte


Streitschrift (Leipsic, 1893); Zur Wittenberger Stadt- und Universitätsgeschichte in der Reformationszeit (1893); Entstehung der Katechismen Luthers und die Grundlage des grossen Katechismus (1894); Wittenberger Ordinierten-Buch (2 vols., 1894); Selige Pilgerschaft (1896; extracts from the writings of Luther); Philipp Melanchthon (1897); Luthers grosser Katechismus (1897); Paul Eber (1897); Geschichte der evangelischen Gemeinde zu Kitzingen (1898); Luthers deutsche Briefe ausgewählt und erläutert (1899); Reformationsgeschichte der Stadt Leipzig (1900); Konrad Stürtzel von Buchheim (1900); Die evangelische Kirche im Jahrhundert der Reformation (1900); Dr. Martin Luther (1901); So spricht Dr. Martin Luther (Berlin, 1903; selections from the writings of Luther); Deutschlands Kirchengeschichte für das evangelische Haus (Bielefeld, 1904); Lutherlesebuch (Hamburg, 1905); and Ungedruckte Predigten aus den Jahren 1537-1540 (Leipsic, 1905).

BUCK, CHARLES: English Independent; b. at Hillsley (15 m. n.e. of Bristol), Gloucestershire, 1771; d. in London Aug. 11, 1815. He held pastorates at Sheerness and London. He is mentioned for his Theological Dictionary, containing definitions of all religious terms; a comprehensive view of every article in the system of divinity; an impartial account of all the principal denominations which have subsisted in the religious world from the birth of Christ to the present day; together with an accurate statement of the most remarkable transactions and events recorded in ecclesiastical history (2 vols., London, 1802; many subsequent editions and reprints). He also published Anecdotes, Religious, Moral, and Entertaining (1799), which proved a highly popular work.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Buck's Memoirs and Remains were edited by J. Styles, London, 1817.


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