BOURNE, FRANCIS: Roman Catholic archbishop of Westminster; b. at Clapham (a suburb of London) Mar. 23, 1861. He was educated at St. Cuthbert's College, Ushaw (1869-75), St. Edmund's, Ware (1875-80), St. Thomas's Seminary, Hammersmith (1880-81), St. Sulpice, Paris (1881-1883), and the University of Louvain (1883-84). He was ordained to the priesthood in 1884, and after serving as assistant at Blackheath, Mortlake, and West Grinstead for five years, was appointed rector of Southwark Diocesan Seminary, holding this position until 1898, also acting for several years as professor of moral theology and Holy Scripture. He was named domestic prelate to the pope in 1895, and in the following year was consecrated titular bishop of Epiphania and coadjutor to the bishop of Southwark. He was bishop of Southwark from 1897 to 1903, and since the latter year has been archbishop of Westminster. He practically refounded St. John's Seminary at Wonersh, and has been most active in movements for social reform in the diocese of Southwark. He represented the Roman Catholics of England at the St. Augustine celebrations at Arles in 1897, as well as the English Roman Catholic bishops at Autun in 1899, and led the English pilgrims to Lourdes in 1902.


BOUSSET, bu"set', JOHANN FRANZ WILHELM: German Protestant; b. at Lübeck Sept. 3, 1865. He was educated at Erlangen, Leipsic, and Göttingen (Th.Lic., 1890) and became privat-docent at the latter university in 1890, being made associate professor of New Testament exegesis six years later. Theologically he belongs to the liberal historical school. In addition to minor contributions, he has written Evangeliencitate Justins des Märtyrers (Göttingen, 1891); Jesu Predigt im Gegensatz zum Judentum (1892); Textkritische Studien (Leipsic, 1894); Antichrist (Göttingen, 1895;


Eng. transl. by A. H. Keane, London, 1896); Kommentar zur Offenbarung des Johannes (in the Kritisch-exegetischer Kommentar zum Neuen Testament, 1896); Religion des Judentums im neutestamentlichen Zeitalter (Berlin, 1903; 2d ed., 1906); Das Wesen der Religion (Halle, 1903); Was wissen wir von Jesus? (1904); Jesus (Halle, 1904; Eng. transl., London, 1906); and Erklärung des Galater-und ersten und zweiten Korintherbriefes, in J. Weiss's Schriften des Neuen Testaments neu übersetzt (Göttingen, 1905). Since 1897 he has edited the Theologische Rundschau in collaboration with W. Heitmüller, and the Forschungen zur Religion und Literatur des Alten und Neuen Testaments in collaboration with H. Gunkel since 1903.


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