BATTEN, LORING WOART: Protestant Episcopalian; b. in Gloucester County N. J., Nov. 12, 1859. He was educated at Harvard University, the Philadelphia Divinity School, and the University of Pennsylvania. He was ordered deacon in 1886 and ordained priest in the following year, and was instructor and professor of the Old Testament in the Philadelphia Divinity School from 1888 to 1899, when he became rector of St. Mark's, New York City. He is also lecturer on the Old Testament in the General Theological Seminary, New York City. In addition to numerous briefer studies, he has written The Old Testament from the Modern Point of View (New York, 1889) and The Hebrew Prophet (London, 1905).

BATTERSON, HERMON GRISWOLD: Protestant Episcopalian; b. at Marbledale, Conn., May 27, 1827; d. in New York City Mar. 9, 1903. He was educated privately, was rector at San Antonio, Texas, 1860-61, and at Wabasha, Minn.,1862-66. In 1866 he removed to Philadelphia and was rector of St. Clement's Church there 1869-1872, of the Church of the Annunciation 1880-89; became rector of the Church of the Redeemer, New York, 1891, but soon retired. He published The Missionary Tune Book (Philadelphia, 1867); The Churchman's Hymn Book (1870); A Sketch Book of the American Episcopate (1878; 3d ed., enlarged, 1891); Christmas Carols and Other Verses (1877); Gregorian Music, a manual of plain, song for the offices of the American Church (New York, 1884; 7th ed., 1890); Vesper Bells and Other Verses (1895).

BAUDISSIN, WOLF WILHELM, GRAF VON: German Protestant; b. at Sophienhof, near Kiel, Germany, Sept. 26, 1847. He was educated at the universities of Erlangen, Berlin, Leipsic (Ph.D., 1870), and Kiel from 1866 to 1872, and was privat-docent at Leipsic in 1874-76, when he accepted a call to the University of Strasburg as associate professor of theology. Four years later he was promoted to full professor, but in the following year went to Marburg as professor of Old Testament exegesis. He remained at Marburg, where he


was rector in 1893-94, until 1900, when he went to Berlin as professor of Old Testament exegesis, a chair which he still holds. In theology he is an adherent of the historical school of investigation, and seeks to elucidate the religion of the Old Testament by other Semitic faiths. He has written: Translationis antiquœ arabicœ libri Jobi quœ supersunt nunc primum edita (Leipsic, 1870); Eulogius und Alvar, ein Abschnitt spanischer Kirchengeschichte aus der Zeit der Maurenherrschaft (1872); Jahve et Moloch, sive de ratione inter deum Israelitarum et Molochum intercedente (1874); Studien zur semitischen Religionsgeschichte (2 vols., 1876-1878); Die Geschichte des alttestamentlichen Priesterthums untersucht (1889); August Dillmann (1895); Einleitung in die Bücher des Alten Testaments (1901); and Esmun-Asklepios (Giessen, 1906).


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