Poetry Exercises

These Exercises promote general understanding and deeper appreciation. They are not intended to substitute for careful analysis or interpretation.

Read a poem with modern punctuation and spelling:

  1. "The Collar" [The image at the bottom may help.]
  2. "The Pulley" [The gif may also help as a poetic image.]
  3. "Jesu" [When you see it, the poem is clear.]
  4. "Love (III)" Written as conversation.

Sometimes an outline helps:

  1. "Vertue" (Virtue)
  2. "Trinitie Sunday"
  3. Or a grid: "Hope"

Explore the poem as music:

  1. Tone - Affliction (IV), The Storm
  2. Tone interpreted by different composers - Praise (II), The 23d Psalme, Even-song
  3. The conflicting tones within the poem - Bitter-sweet
  4. Music visualization - Heaven, Antiphon (I)
  5. Meaning - The Collar, The Wreath

Put yourself into the situation in the poem:

  1. Reflections on my enemy Miserie Interactive
  2. Write a letter of complaint Affliction (I) Interactive
  3. Write a mini-allegory Love Unknown Interactive

See it from a different perspective [Learning to evaluate critics]:

  1. "Holdfast" by Abbot and Costello [see "note"]
  2. "Forerunners" when just a hint can make it easier (see below notes)
  3. "Dedication" from "The Church-porch" (another viewpoint may or may not help).
  4. When another poet's view may not help. Vertue.
  5. "Prayer (I)" (another poet may help)

Solve a mystery ("Extra Credit"):

  1. Humilitie Worksheet [All the clues are given.] {advanced }

Poetry Definitions:

Poetry Analysis Poetry Interpretation

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