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Answer the Question "Who should get the prize?"

Presenter Presenter's nature Tokens of submission [that represent the presenter's nature]> Virtue who is awarded the Token
Lion angrie [not gentleness*] paw Mansuetude [Gentleness]
Hare fearful [not fortitude] ears Fortitude*
Turkey jealous* [not temperance] coral chain Temperance
Fox [not justice] brain (killed by chance) Justice *
Peacock [WHAT GOES HERE IS THE CLUE] plume (brought by the Crow) ?????????

Think of the puzzle as an elaborate comparison:

anger : gentleness :: fearfulness : fortitude :: jealousy : temperance :: sly opportunism killed by chance : justice :: ~X : X

Too much algebra:anger is inversely proportional to gentleness
anger = 1/gentleness
:. anger * gentleness = 1 [unity for the Lion]
~X * X = unity [What is "X" for the Peacock?]

Tutor's Note: Would it help to think of a Sin [symbolized by an animal] giving a piece of itself to a Virtue that is its master? Who deserves the Peacock's plume? (And why did the Crow bring it?)

[Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Catwoman, what's your answer?????????]