The Authour to the Reader.

BEing desirous (thorow the Mercy of GOD) to please
Him, for whom I am, and live, and who giveth mee my
Desires and Performances; and considering with my self,
That the way to please him, is to feed my Flocke diligently
and faithfully, since our Saviour hath made that the argument
of a Pastour's love, I have resolved to set down the Form and
Character of a true Pastour, that I may have a Mark to aim
at: which also I will set as high as I can, since hee shoots
higher that threatens the Moon, then hee that aims at a Tree.
Not that I think, if a man do not all which is here expressed,
hee presently sinns, and displeases God, but that it is a good
strife to go as farre as wee can in pleasing of him, who hath
done so much for us. The Lord prosper the intention to my
selfe, and others, who may not despise my poor labours, but
add to those points, which I have observed, untill the Book
grow to a compleat Pastorall.



Criticism: "Discourse and direction: 'A Priest to the Temple, or, the Country Parson' and the elaboration of sovereign rule" by Douglas J. Swartz.

Editor's Note: Herbert uses the "aim higher" image in "The Church Porch, Stz. 56."

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