[Soldiers' Walk, Temple Grounds]George Herbert: "The Church-porch"

Day 29: Morning


Pitch thy behaviour low, thy projects high;

So shall thou humble and magnanimous be:

Sink not in spirit: who aimeth at the sky,

Shoots higher much then he that means a tree.

   A grain of glorie mixt with humblenesse

   Cures both a fever and lethargicknesse.

     Pitch your manner low, your objectives high; so shall you be humble and magnanimous. Do not sink in spirit [or be discouraged]. Who aims at the sky shoots much higher than he that targets a tree. A grain of glorie mixed with humbleness cures both hyperactivity and laziness.

     Maintain a down to earth attitude, and keep your goals elevated. This is noticeably better than a lofty demeanor and low down objectives. This latter may convince others of confidence and concrete solutions, but they are short term illusions and long term disappointments.

     Do not become depressed or dispirited because you have not reached your ultimate goal. You may not accomplish everything that you hoped. Not everything will go according to your plan; sometimes the plan may be improved and adjustments made. If you aim at the heavens, you will achieve more than those who only strive toward earthly purposes. We possess "a grain of glorie" yearning toward God mixed with earthly clay. This combination, though bewildering, makes us what we are, a contradiction of motive and ability. Do not be discouraged, but keep working toward your objectives. These two conditions balance and complement one another. The spirit's spark energizes our complacent inactivity. The flesh's mortality cures arrogance and teaches us humility.

[Shoot High]

© 1997 J. R. Arner

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