George Herbert: "The Church-porch"

Day 40: Evening


Avoid, Profanenesse; come not here:

Nothing but holy, pure, and cleare,

Or that which groneth to be so,

May at his perill further go.

          [Second Stanza of Superliminare]. “Avoid profaneness; come not here [into the Temple]. Nothing but holy, pure and clear or that which groans to be so, may further go at his peril.”

          As you enter the Holy place, avoid the burden of profaneness. You may make this a judgment against yourself if you make no effort. Like the camel going through the eye of the needle, leave the earthly baggage outside this Temple. Preserve the sanctity, the purity of the heavenly environment by jettisoning the extraneous concerns and feet-dragging thoughts. Keep this as a haven from the daily cares, a place of rest and rejuvenation. On this seventh day create a harmony away from the noise of the other six days. Keep it clear to see the world through a Heavenly perspective, giving all daily events a relative importance and spiritual place. Use this tithe of time for your own advantage. Seek God and His Peace that overwhelms all human understanding.

[The Temple Model]          Note: The next step is into The Temple. We do not have to be perfect to enter, but we should want to be. If we are not holy, pure and clear [transparent to God], our deep and earnest concern for our imperfections allows us to enter. Our self recognition permits forgiveness as self-discipline solicits Love. Our prayers and supplications prove our honesty; and our earnest desire to improve admits us. All at once we enter the Inner Temple of our own being, the center of our spiritual energy, the earthly institution of the Community of Saints, The Church and the prefiguration of the Heavenly Kingdom of Christ. Our relation with God continues.

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