Note 013
From Chapter 9 of the Decline & Fall

According to Dr. Keating (History of Ireland, p.13,14.), the giant Partholanus, who was the son of Seara, the son of Esra, the son of Sru, the son of Framant, the son of Fathaclan, the son of Magog, the son of Japhet, the son of Noah, landed on the coast of Munster, the 14th day of May, in the year of the world one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight. Though he succeeded in his great enterprise, the loose behaviour of his wife rendered his domestic life very unhappy, and provoked him to such a degree, that he killed her favourite greyhound. This, as a learned historian very properly observes, was the first instance of female falsehood and infidelity ever known in Ireland.

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