Note 120
From Chapter 27 of the Decline & Fall

Te propter, gelidis Aquilo de monte procellis
Obruit adversas acies; revolutaque tela
Vertit in auctores, et turbine reppulit hastas.
O nimium dilecte Deo, cui fundit ab antris
Aeolus armatas hiemes; cui militat Aether,
Et conjurati veniunt ad classica venti.

These famous lines of Claudian (in iii. Cons. Hon or. 93, A.D. 396) are alleged by his contemporaries, Augustin and Orosius, who suppress the Pagan deity of Aeolus, and add some circumstances from the information of eye-witnesses. Within four months after the victory, it was compared by Ambrose to the miraculous victories of Moses and Joshua.

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