Note 093
From Chapter 26 of the Decline & Fall

Nec ulla, annalibus, praeter Cannensem pugnam, ita ad internecionem res legitur gesta. Ammian. xxxi. 13.

According to the grave Polybius, no more than 370 horse and 3000 foot escaped from the field of Cannae; 10,000 were made prisoners; and the number of the slain amounted to 5630 horse and 70,000 foot (Polyb. 1. iii. [c. 117] p. 371, edit. Casaubon, in 8vo.). Livy (xxsii. 49) is somewhat less bloody; he slaughters only 2700 horse and 40,000 foot. The Roman army was supposed to consist of 87,200 effective men (xxii. 36).

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